THE much-anticipated LiveWIRE 7th SMEs Promotion is just around the corner. Among the many things that will be happening that you can look forward to are:

The very exciting Carnival of Science Exhibition! Containing 28 interactive exhibitions which you and your family can enjoy and learn from.



OGDC Science Show. Enjoy science show performances that will be conducted by OGDC Science Communicators and the winners from OGDC Science Show Competition 2015.

SSComp Poster

SMEs Promotion Talent show which will take place on Friday, 27th November 2015 at 8pm. Show off your singing, dancing, magical talents or what ever it may be at the Talent Show. No registration fee will be incurred. You are however required to register yourself before the start of the competition. Oh yes, it is a competition! By the end of the show, three best performances will be able to win attractive prizes from Livewire Brunei and OGDC!

Talent Show

If you are planning to have a Saturday family workout, join our SMEs Promotion Mass Aerobic. Bring your family and friends because it will be FREE! Show your groove and fancy workout clothes at the Mass Aerobic which will take place on Saturday, 28th November 2015 at 5pm.


For bird,fish and reptile enthusiasts. We have various pet exhibitions you can visit. Here is one where you can actually bring home a free guppy. That’s right, a FREE fish!


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